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Dr. med. Claus F. Fieseler about brand drug and generic Levitra

Dr. Claus F. Fieseler has been providing urological services since 1988. His vast work experience allows us to trust his professional opinion regarding the treatment of various urological diseases and sexual disorders.

From 1989 to 1997 he was engaged in scientific research in human medicine at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf and Lucerne/Switzerland.

1997 – 1998 internship at the Clinic for General Visceral and Vascular Surgery Lukas Krankenhaus Neuss.

Dr. Klaus studied and practiced in the field of andrology, oncological surgery, proctology, clinical and pediatric urology from 2003 to 2007.

Since January 2008 branch he works in the urology department at the Friedrichshafen Clinic.

He specializes in da Vinci surgeon (robotic surgery) since 2011.

He is a practicing chief physician specialist in urology, pediatric urology, and urological oncology in the Friedrichshafen Clinic at the moment.

Dr. med. Claus Friedrich Fieseler is involved in research to help find the best treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. According to the result of his research, Levitra is the most effective and reliable drug for the treatment of male impotence of various etiologies.

Warning! Carefully study the side effects and whether you can take Levitra. Before taking any medication, you should consult your doctor. Learn more about generic Levitra here – http://www.edhelp-usa.com/brand-levitra-and-generic-levitra/.

Why is this drug so effective?

An erection happens when arteries in the penis relax and widen causing greater and more increased blood flow. If the nerves in the penis are not responding or functioning properly it can be a difficult task when trying to experience an erection. Levitra helps the body increase the blood flow to the area which makes it easier for a male to become erect. This drug actually inhibits the substance, phosphodiesterase 5, and helps the body to breakdown cyclic GMP, which allows this blood flow to happen more efficiently than normal in someone with erectile dysfunction. The body can continue to respond to the effects of the Levitra up to eight hours, but will usually wear off after a sexual encounter.

What dosage of Levitra does Dr. Klaus recommend to his patients?

Since Levitra comes in different dosages, it is recommended that starting at the lowest dose is best and then work your way up if that is not strong enough for you. The oral jelly is taken by mouth and can work in as little as twenty minutes. This form of Levitra comes in different flavors allowing for easier and more enjoyable intake and can last anywhere from four to six hours.

It is important to remember that when taking this drug, the use of alcohol can greatly inhibit the result of an erection, and consuming a meal that is high in fat, can cause the reaction to happen more slowly than what it would without. Levitra is an amazing drug for anyone that needs help with erectile dysfunction or simply wants to improve their erection. This great drug can be purchased cheaply online with no prescription and can get your body working the way you like.

Dr. Klaus explains why a generic is as effective as the original brand

This is a major question which is being asked me by almost everybody. Actually, branded and generic are the main Levitra available. There has been a burning question about the most effective and safe one. People can also not distinguish one which is superior. It’s also difficult to identify the one which is accredited by pharmacists. The list is endless. Generic Levitra is more affordable as compared to branded drugs. Customers can save lots of money. That doesn’t mean that generic Levitra of poor quality. It has no side effects and also safe for consumption. Generic Levitra is ideal for health conditions. Branded medication is quite expensive. There are a series of research conducted for making branded Levitra. Advertisements as we as the marketing of the product make it to be costlier.

These medications also differ in their appearance. Ingredients used to make generic are different from those used to manufacture the branded drug. The manufacturing of branded Levitra is very easy. This is because of copyright protection. This means that new of this medication can be introduced in the market at any time. The level of Vardenafil may differ. This is a type of ingredient used to make Levitra. It is worth noting that these medications both have Vardenafil. Generic Levitra may also consist of inactive ingredients. Such ingredients may be missing in branded Levitra. The selection between branded and generic depends on the personal decision of an individual. Most people think that the difference in price tags makes one superior to the other. Lots of researches have been carried out to identify the main differences. The research has revealed that these medications are almost similar. Additionally, they share common characteristics. It’s imperative to make informed decisions before settling on any one of them. Various chemical analyses have been conducted. There is no much difference in the level of chemicals in generic or branded Levitra. However, it’s believed that branded medication contains more chemicals as compared to generic Levitra.

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