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Dr. Gaines W. Hammond, urologist – Profile

Dr. Hammond received his medical degree in 1974 from the Medical University of South Carolina following a B.S. degree from Washington and Lee University. Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. Hammond proceeded to Methodist Hospital and Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana for his surgery and urology residencies. Dr. Hammond is certified by the American Board of Urology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

In 1984, Dr. Hammond founded Medstone International (Hammond Technologies) to develop the first dry second-generation lithotripter. He led the research and development resulting in FDA approval of the IDE application for the treatment of kidney stones.

Currently, Dr. Hammond practices urologic surgery with an emphasis on large complex urologic surgical cases and serves as Chief of the Department of Surgery at Mary Black Health System in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has one of the largest series in the world for the Targis microwave treatment of prostate conditions. He has pioneered the urologic applications for the use of the Harmonic Scalpel by Ethicon. His radical prostate surgery techniques are unique and progressive in the establishment of nerve and bladder neck preservation using this harmonic scalpel. He has developed new surgical techniques for pelvic and bladder reconstruction.

He has authored numerous articles and chapters in textbooks, as well as, lectured internationally in Europe and the Middle East. He serves on numerous private and public Boards. His outside interests focus around his wife and their four children.

The doctor specializes in general urology, minimally invasive surgery, problems of conception, and erectile dysfunction.

What medical services does Dr. Hammond provide?

– Urinary leakage. Dr. Hammond successfully treats the uncontrollable loss of urine with the biofeedback training and pelvic floor therapy.

– Non-scalpel vasectomy. The process is safe and effective and can be done without incisions or stitches. This results in faster healing.

– Erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, so new solutions are available including injections, oral medications, and surgery. Impotence is treatable and everyone can be helped.

– Hernia repair. Prompt surgical treatment is usually the best choice and will prevent complications from developing.

– Kidney stones can be very painful. The treatment of your kidney stones depends on the size and type of stone.

– Bladder matters. An overactive bladder causes a frequent and urgent need to urinate. This condition can often interrupt your daily life. Contact Dr. Hammond for diagnosis and treatment.

You will receive an additional surgery instruction packet if you are scheduled for surgery.

Complementary and alternative treatments

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, urged us to let food be our medicine. This advice has too long been ignored. Complementary medicine constitutes a body of knowledge that is a welcome addition to the traditional armamentarium of preventive and therapeutic modalities that can be offered to patients. For illnesses and diseases that are difficult to treat, and at times frustrating for both the patient and the physician, it is refreshing to have new and different measures that can be implemented to treat these conditions.

There are at least 3 urological diseases that standard urological treatment is less than effective. They include idiopathic male infertility, interstitial cystitis, and chronic prostatitis. In addition, complementary approaches are showing promise in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Some studies have shown the promise of phytotherapeutic agents (plant-derived medicines) and micronutrients (vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements) in treating these entities. Dr. Hammond combines the best of both medical and complementary approaches in addressing your health concerns.

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He brings to his urology practice not only his extensive experience in the conventional treatment of urological diseases but also his keen interest and training in complementary and alternative treatments which he applies to both the prevention and treatment of urological diseases. In addition, Dr. Gaines W. Hammond does procedures in his office that were previously done in a hospital setting. As an example, ultrasound-guided biopsies of the prostate are done in the office using a local anesthetic making this procedure convenient, private, and comfortable. Other procedures such as vasectomies and cystoscopies are also done in the office using either a local anesthetic or with an anesthesiologist administering intravenous sedation depending on the patient’s needs.

For men with prostate cancer who have failed radiation therapy, Dr. Gaines has been doing a surgical procedure in the last 3 years called cryoablation (freezing) of the prostate, which is the only remaining option for curing prostate cancer in these patients. Prior to this time, after radiation failure, the only other treatment was hormonal therapy, which is not curative.

Finally, for women with urinary incontinence, especially those who have failed other procedures and those who have had previous pelvic surgery or pelvic radiation, Dr. Gaines now offers a new minimally invasive, ambulatory surgery procedure called the Monarc™ sling procedure.

Dr. Gaines W. Hammond’s practice is committed to providing patients with extremely personalized, high-quality urologic care in a warm and inviting setting. Dr. Gaines feels very strongly that caring for his patients is a partnership; both with the patient and the patient’s physicians. He strongly encourages and supports patient education and believes that his role is to empower patients to obtain the information needed to make the most appropriate decisions for themselves and their unique disease process.

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