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Where to buy Generic Levitra?

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What is the difference between Brand and Generic Levitra?

If you are experiencing problems in sexual life, you are recommended to try Levitra. Even if you have already had experience of using some other erectile dysfunction drugs and weren’t satisfied with the effect, you will be impressed by the effect Levitra is going to provide you with. However, there is one dilemma. What to choose: Brand Levitra or its cheaper generic? Such questions are asked by each man looking for the effective erectile dysfunction drug. A huge number of pharmaceuticals and their generics on pharmacy shelves are able to make confused every buyer.

To define what to give preference to it is necessary to consider the difference between generics and original drugs and understand what is the advantage of each type of ED treatment. Find out more about main characteristics of both types of drugs and take the well-informed decision concerning the choice of Brand Levitra or Generic Levitra. You may be free from worries as your health is entrusted to high-quality drug.

What is Levitra Online?


Levitra appeared on the market of ED drugs relatively recently, but immediately confidently occupied its niche thanks to its unique properties. Levitra is recommended for men who need fast action and increased efficiency. Levitra is 10 times more active than Viagra. In 90% men report normalization of the erection after the starting dose of Levitra 20 mg. The active substance of the drug is Vardenafil.

More powerful Levitra’s effect on the enzyme of the arteries of the penis allows using it in case other similar drugs are ineffective. In the development of Levitra, its creators took into account the shortcomings of the drugs that existed at that time for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which allowed them to create a especial drug. For a huge number of men, a chance to solve their intimate problems has appeared only with the advent of Levitra in the pharmaceutical market.

How do brand drugs and generics Levitra appear?

Solid pharmaceutical companies, like the legendary manufacturer of Levitra – Bayer, have their own laboratories for searching and developing new drugs. As a result of long, costly research, they synthesize a new drug.

On average, the cost of creating a new drug is more than $ 600 million, with pre-clinical study and clinical trials of the original drug taking about ten years. So, in search of an effective Levitra formula, Bayer Corporation spent 860 million dollars.

When developing a pharmaceutical product, a company is issued a patent for it, which gives the right to be solely its seller for a certain amount of time. The patent is acquired for the original formula, production methods and international name. Usually its term is 15-17 years.

The pharmaceutical firm conducts an active advertising campaign and gradually creates a new recognizable brand. So, the brand is the trade name of a new medicine.

When the period of validity of the patent expires, other manufacturers are entitled to produce the formula of this drug at their own capacities. However, there is a condition: the reproduced drug must fully confirm the equivalence (similarity) to the original one. A confirmed analog is called a generic.

Main differences of generics:

Sure that the price of generics are much cheaper as the producer didn’t have to pass all those stages to develop the drug. An effective Levitra formula was already found and generics are just copies of the original drug having other names, shape of pills and may contain some additional ingredients to add flavor, which can ‘t influence the main composition of the drug.

The generic drugs are given a new name, they also differ in packaging, perhaps even in color and shape of tablets, but have the same international brand name. So, the international name of Brand Levitra is Vardenafil. One brand drug may have hundreds of generics. However, generics completely repeat the popular brands, because they contain the same components and have equal effects – both medicinal and side effects.

Features of the Brand drug Levitra and its generics:

  • The active substance of the drug Vardenafil.
  • Perfect as a psychological and physiological guarantee of success in case of failure.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, or have suffered a prostatectomy – you are recommended to choose Levitra as this drug has the greatest activity.
  • The time of Levitra’s action is 12 hours, the half-life of the drug is 4-5 hours.
  • Efficacy after taking the pill comes in 15-20 minutes.

As you can see from this list of main drugs’ characteristics, they are the same. Both Brand Levitra and generics have many common features and work in the same way as they consist of the same components.


What to choose: Brand Levitra or Generic Levitra?

It is difficult to give an exact answer to this question due to the fact that all drugs undergo clinical trials to confirm their safety. The whole world uses cheaper generics, provided that the manufacturer has officially confirmed the quality of the drug.

Fans of branded Levitra drugs make bets on the guarantee of the effect and safety that was checked by the longer period of time. The history and reputation of the company also raises the rating of the original drugs.

However, not all men suffering from problems in sexual life are able to afford buying Brand Levitra. That’s why appearance of generics has changed this situation. Nowadays all men with ED have an opportunity to choose what suit them better: brand drug with excellent reputation or cheaper analogue with the same composition produced by not so famous company.

The low cost of generics Levitra makes them an excellent alternative to brands. The choice is up to you. Remember, a generic cannot be better than the original drug but you shouldn’t have doubts concerning its safety and effect as well. Both Brand Levitra and Generic can be bought online without prescription if you know that you don’t have any contraindications or serious health problems. Pharmacies online offer more reasonable prices for any drug you choose. Make your right choice taking into account your most important requirements to the ED drug.


This article is written by Dr. Gaines W. Hammond, the urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. All rights reserved, including the right to the public this article by Dr. Gaines W. Hammond.

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