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  • How to improve sex life after 15 years of marriage

    It appears to be evident in America and around the world, people are directly or indirectly affected by loss of libido. Regardless of how they found out, they are very aware that it is a real and serious matter, affecting more men & women than ever before. Often, sexual attraction disappears between couples who have…

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  • Erectile dysfunction – partners can lend a helping hand

    A lot of people think that keeping their erectile dysfunction (ED) a secret is the best way to go, but the urologists obviously don’t subscribe to that theory. Instead, they recognize that having open discussions with one’s partner is a very big help. When a patient is getting help from the sexual partner, whether it…

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  • How to restore male sexual power: three main steps

    In very many societies and for as long as anyone can remember, sex is and has been a taboo subject. Not even the current empowered and self-assured generation is proof against the undeniable embarrassment that comes with talking about such an intimate act. For this reason, sex and all sexual matters are discussed behind closed…

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  • How does Viagra interact with other drugs and alcohol?

    Are you looking for the effective solution of your erectile problems? Viagra is the drug chosen by millions of men all over the world during the long period of time. Years of Viagra use have proved that the drug is really able to make men’s sexual life much brighter enhancing their natural functions. However, to…

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