Viagra & Erectile dysfunction

Under impotence people understand the lack of erection (voltage) of the penis, which makes it impossible to experience sexual intercourse. Quite often, a pathological condition is associated with reduced or lack of desire and orgasm as well. Sooner or later the majority of men face erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem has the most negative impact on the status of men and family relationships.

Viagra for the treatment of impotence is the most popular and effective drug, which you can use for improving your sexual life. First of all, it must be said that Viagra, unlike many other drugs for erectile dysfunction is not a dubious composition of unknown origin and uncertain action.

Viagra comes from the well- known pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The ED drug has passed all the necessary pharmacological tests and got an approval for its use by various countries’ health ministries.

Some facts

The company started testing Viagra as a new agent for the treatment of hypertension but during experiments on volunteers it was mentioned that the effect was not very significant. But after a series of tests, the volunteers did not want to return the remaining pills – it turned out that they significantly improve erection.

Researchers have paid attention to this effect and it was found that the drug acts by selectively improving the blood flow to the genitals. Thus, the blood flow during sexual arousal in the cavernous bodies of the penis is increased significantly, leading to stronger and more prolonged erection.

ED symptoms

Viagra for ED provides a complete erectile function in men due to its vasodilating effect. The active drug substance to enhance the potency of Viagra is Sildenafil. This component has a vasodilating effect. And not all the vessels are targeted, preferably peripheral, which include the vessels supplying blood to the male external genitalia.

After taking Viagra pills improves blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa of the penis. But the erection does not occur spontaneously as there must be sexual stimulation.

Vasodilator effect can be explained by selective inhibition of phosphodiesterase type five, which in turn leads to the release of active nitrogen oxide. It causes the walls of blood vessels to relax and their lumen becomes wider.

Medication from the stomach is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Maximum concentration of active ingredient Sildenafil in the blood is reached after half an hour and up to two hours individually.

Viagra is really effective. Many patients use it and mark a significant improvement in their sexual life. It offers great effect after 30-60 minutes. Strong and stable erection is not a dream anymore if you take Viagra, which is able to provide you with super power and give an opportunity to enjoy your sexual life within 4 -6 hours. The period of action will depend on your individual body reaction, some men report up to 8 hours of Viagra’s effect.

The American company Pfizer has developed safe and efficient drug for those who want to return the joy of sex into their personal life and feel more confident. Viagra will give you a possibility to feel even more successful lover than you were before facing problems in sexual sphere.

It is important to know a few things:

  • Don’t stop trying: In most cases, Viagra is going to work in the first or second attempt when you use it. In some cases, it takes more attempts, so you should try it at least 4 times before you make a conclusion about its ineffectiveness.
  • Sexual stimulation is required: Viagra does not cause erections automatically. It just enhances it, so in any case, sexual stimulation is required to produce the desired effect.
  • Do not take Viagra on a full stomach: the food, especially containing fat, significantly impairs its absorption.
  • The drug shows its effect within 30 minutes after the administration: the effect lasts about 4 hours, however, the effect may last longer as it depends on a man’s body reaction.
  • One tablet per day: it is not recommended to take Viagra in larger doses as it an overdose won’t provide you with the better results. There is a risk of experiencing side effects in case you take more than 1 pill per day.

Take Viagra once per day washing it down with water. Increase or decrease the dose depending on efficacy and tolerability. The maximum daily dose is 100 mg. It is recommended to take the drug not more than once time per day.  Men over 65 are recommended to use the dose of 25 mg.


If the patient is suffering from serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is possible to develop their exacerbations, up to a massive heart attack in case of using erectile dysfunction drugs. In no event you should not take Viagra without prior consultation with the doctor if you know that you have serious heart diseases as well as liver or kidney diseases. It is not recommended to use Viagra if you take nitrates at the moment. If you have an allergic reaction to the main active substance Sildenafil Citrate, you should also avoid using Viagra. The case of individual intolerability is one of the reasons when a man may experience side effects.

Side effects

Side effects are infrequent as Viagra is a safe FDA approved drug for erectile dysfunction. However, as any medicine it may cause certain side effects, which are likely to take place in case you are contraindicated to Viagra tablets or haven’t followed the drug’s instructions.  There is a chance of experiencing such adverse reactions as headache, nausea, abdominal pain, hot flashes, blurred vision.

ED and alcohol

You should realize that if you drink alcoholic drinks, you may slow down the action of the drug. It is better avoid drinking in a combination with Viagra pills in case you want to enjoy the positive results. The same situation is with food. Viagra producer recommends taking it in fasting to make it work according instructions.

This article is written by Dr. Gaines W. Hammond, the urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. All rights reserved, including the right to the public this article by Dr. Gaines W. Hammond.

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